Discover Bağcılar: An Accessible Gateway to Istanbul's Diversity

Welcome to Bağcılar, a district that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Istanbul while prioritizing accessibility for all. Whether you’re a traveler with mobility challenges or simply seeking a welcoming atmosphere, Bağcılar offers a unique blend of history, culture, and convenience.

1. Inclusive Transportation: Bağcılar ensures accessible transportation for everyone. Utilize the metro and bus services equipped with ramps and designated spaces, making it easier to navigate the city.

2. Parks and Green Spaces: Enjoy the beauty of nature in Bağcılar’s parks, where wheelchair-friendly paths provide an opportunity to relax and unwind. Merkez Efendi Park and Seyitnizam Park are perfect examples of inclusivity.

3. Cultural Exploration: Immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring historical sites such as Bağcılar Museum and Atatürk House Museum. These attractions are equipped with facilities to accommodate visitors with mobility challenges.

4. Accessible Dining: Bağcılar’s diverse culinary scene caters to everyone. Accessible restaurants and cafes with ramps and spacious interiors ensure a comfortable dining experience for all.

5. Medical Facilities: Feel secure with easy access to medical facilities in Bağcılar. Hospitals and clinics prioritize accessibility, providing the necessary support for any medical concerns.

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Discover the warmth of Bağcılar’s hospitality and the convenience designed for everyone. Whether you’re exploring historical sites or savoring local delicacies, Bağcılar invites you to experience Istanbul with ease. Safe travels!

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