Discover Bakırköy: A Wheelchair-Friendly Haven in Istanbul

Welcome to Bakırköy, an inclusive district on Istanbul’s European side, offering a blend of history, culture, and modernity. Designed with accessibility in mind, Bakırköy invites you to explore its charm and vibrant atmosphere.

1. Accessible Transportation: Getting around Bakırköy is hassle-free with wheelchair-accessible public transportation options. Buses, trams, and taxis cater to the needs of travelers with mobility challenges.

2. Seaside Retreats: Enjoy the therapeutic breeze along the Sea of Marmara at Bakırköy’s coastal areas. The accessible seaside promenades provide a perfect setting for a relaxing day out.

3. Cultural Exploration: Uncover the rich history of Bakırköy by visiting cultural sites such as Ataköy Sahil Camii and Bakırköy Merkez Efendi Camii, both equipped with facilities for easy access.

4. Shopping and Dining: Indulge in a delightful shopping experience at Capacity and Carousel Shopping Malls, both offering accessible entrances. Explore local eateries with ramps for a taste of Turkish cuisine.

5. Healthcare Facilities: Rest assured with access to medical facilities in Bakırköy. The district houses hospitals and clinics prioritizing accessibility and providing necessary support.

Important Links and Contacts:

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Embark on an inclusive journey through Bakırköy, where accessibility meets the vibrant spirit of Istanbul. For additional details, click on the provided links. Safe travels!

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